our story.

      With growing inequalities stemming from centuries of systemic racism, sexism and misogynoir, the COVID-19 crisis, the wage gap, limited job forecasts, community obligations, cultural norms, and self-limiting beliefs, womyn often silence purpose for survival. Creativity, imagination and innovation are starved as a result.

      With each purchase, you support time, space and place grants for the creative pursuits of womyn of color. We recognize women, womyn, womxn, and non-binary individuals. Awards are made through a network of philanthropic partners. 


      Why promotional merch? 

      • The world is changing and the expectations of how companies engage are also changing. In 2020, corporations spent $15.1 billion on promotional products, mostly separate from cause-related efforts. Though historical commitments and investments were made in racial equity in response to a global reckoning, they were but a start to long-term strategic interventions required for social change.
      • Cultural change requires consistency. So, we design products that you use, view and think about everyday. 76% of those who receive promotional products in the past two years were able to remember the actual product, the company, and the message associated with the product. [cite
      • We live in a society where we over consume. If we’re going to demand more, waste more, and consume more, let’s do it with an impactful bottom line. (but also, minimalism is the wave).  


      Why “Due” Goodies?

      We stand firm in the belief that Black and Indigenous communities are due amends for intentional wrongdoing at the hand of government, public and private corporations. 


      While policymakers continue to debate the validity of reparations, our collective focus is on addressing the supply chains of inequity wherein we have direct control.


      The impacts of imperialism, colonization, systemic racism, patriarchy, and misogyny experienced globally are sustained by the actions we take, as individuals, everyday. 


      It is through intentional behaviors and reciprocity that we begin to make amends. 


      It is through due goods.