WDYD Today for Black Women?

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In cultural and economic anthropology, reciprocity is understood as a non-market exchange distinct from a true gift, since a return is expected. In many social situations, we pay back what we receive. Karmic actions operate in parallel - what you put into the world, you get back. And in the spirit of Ubuntu (Zulu), practiced across African societies, we recognize our boundness - that one can only grow with the growth and progression of others: that I exist because you are.

The first and limited release of this series, What Did You Do Today for Black Women directs reciprocated energy to the drivers of culture, the most entrepreneurial, and “the most disrespected person in America.” The Black woman.

Product + Concept Design: Dela Wilson


  •  2 1.2” x 3” Sticky Notes - 100 Sheets. For limited release. Minimum order of 50 for custom branding. No minimum order for original branding. Submit branding requests to admin@axleimpactstudio.com
  • Each notepad is paired with a QR code for daily, intentional behaviors for social equity. 
  • Colors: Soft white with earl gray marble. Black ink. 
  • Shipping: Free 
  • 100% of your purchase is directed to our Time, Space and Place grants for Black women.